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Date & Time

6th April, 10 AM


5 hours


1. In order to be eligible to participate in a Tournament as a player, an individual must be a student of any college.

2. Players cannot play for more than one Team at a time. If a player enters into such an arrangement, Officials reserve the right to bar the player from playing from that team and that team will be eliminated.

3. A Gamer Name may not include any word or phrase in any language that is offensive, toxic or hurtful.

4. Five players(compulsory) in the Team’s starting line-up and a single coach (if needed).

5. Each Team must designate one player as its captain when completing the online registration process.

6. The Team’s name will be selected at the time of registration and may not be changed at any time during the tournament. All Team names must be different and unique.

7. Teams participating may not add or drop players from their roster at any point between the tournaments.

8. All communication with the players and teams is handled on the tournament official Discord.

9. Players have to bring their own laptops and accessories as the tournament will be LAN based, if someone needs the machine for the tournament it can be provided but it is preferable to bring own laptops.

10. No Registration fee for participation.



Prize Pool: 5,000 INR


Ankush - 9083247051, Rajarshi - 9641319775