Welcome to the Chess Championship! Get ready to witness thrilling battles of intellect and strategy as players from around the world compete for the coveted title. It enhances cognitive abilities such as problem-solving, critical thinking, and foresight. By promoting concentration and patience, chess fosters mental agility and decision-making skills.

Date:5th April

Time:11.00 AM

Location:CSD 205

Duration:2.5 hours

Rules and Regulations:

1. Provide your G-suite ID/ Gmail ID.

2. Registration fee 150 INR for participation.

3. Matches will adhere to specified time controls, with players expected to manage their time efficiently.

4. Players must follow the official FIDE (World Chess Federation) rules and regulations.

5. Participants are required to record moves using algebraic notation and maintain the integrity of the game.

6. Electronic devices, external assistance, and disruptive behavior are strictly prohibited during matches.

7. The tournament director or arbiter has the authority to resolve disputes and enforce fair play.

8. Any violations of the rules may result in penalties, including point deductions or disqualification.

9. The tournament organizer reserves the right to make changes to the schedule or format if necessary, with all decisions being final.


Prize Pool: 5,000 INR

Contact Information:

Siddhartha - 9800245106

Pritam - 7384950614